7 Oct 2015

Beware of workmen with cordless screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers, a tool that is much used by workmen, are a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

I had what promised to be a 30 second job this evening, removing a noticeboard which had been temporarily screwed to a desk using two screws.

Would you buy a used VW group car now...?

Whilst The VW emissions scandal rumbles on, I also read that VW are to start recalling their cars in the new year so that the problem can be resolved.

The thing is though, would you now buy a used VW, Skoda, Seat or Audi...?

6 Oct 2015

Reprieved (I think)

Some jobs are best left to other people...
You may recall that I was expecting October to be quite busy, with my friends ongoing move to her new flat, but it seems like I've got a reprieve. Which I'm not too sad about, if I am honest...

I thought there would be a lot of painting and decorating to do, which there is, but her interfering neighbour has decided that he wants to do the job instead. Aided and abetted by one of his mates, who is apparently going to do it on the quiet, despite claiming benefits from the DWP. LOL.

Though I have also been told they're going to do it for free. ROFL. Believe that and you'll believe anything...!

5 Oct 2015

The problem with the carrier bag charge...

Supermarket shopping has just become a little more painful in the UK, as we now have to pay a 5p charge on every carrier bag that we use.

Well there are some exceptions. I don't think it applies to small stores, but it certainly does to the big supermarkets where I do my weekly shop. As if it wasn't expensive enough anyway...

Hate something, change something....

There's a lot being said about VW's emission test problem at the moment, most of it kicking VW for circumventing the test.

What I've not seen though, is anybody questioning whether the emissions tests are too severe...?

Perhaps it is the politicians, bureaucrats and law-makers at fault here, rather than the manufacturers...?

4 Oct 2015

Gardeners back

I don't mind admitting that I am knackered this evening, with the old sciatica playing up a bit too. I am stiff where I don't want to be stiff.

The weather was perfect today, not too hot, not too cold, not too wet and not too dry, so ideal for gardening.

Having spent the morning on grass cutting, pruning, transplanting a couple of trees and generally tidying up, I returned home to do my own garden.

1 Oct 2015

Roll on November (I think)...

Strange how the so-called 'professionals' only see
the good points with this flat in Winchester... 
As usual, nobody has really taken any notice of my advice and it looks like my friend is going to move to that flat in Winchester.

Workmen are installing a wet room and a wheelchair ramp at the moment and she has been given a date to pick up the keys. A date which is now less than a fortnight away.

Then we've got 10 days to do any further decorating and fitting out that is needed before the furniture is moved from 2nd floor flat A to ground floor flat B. After the big move, we have another 10 days to clean up flat A in Eastleigh as best as we can. As plans go, it's not too bad. We've got time to do things. Organising this has also been good for my friend. She's done well to get it to this stage, with all the necessary work being done by Winchester City Council before she moves in and the correct period of notice being given to First Wessex in Eastleigh.

But that's most of October accounted for already. I don't know how I'm going to squeeze in my own little projects, which are sorting out the storm drainage and changing Claudia's cam belt, but I guess they can wait a bit longer..

Setting up my new broadband also has to be done around the middle of the month. Hopefully that won't take long, but the good thing is that if the flat move is in full swing at the same time as my change of ISP, the down-time isn't going to be quite as much of problem as I originally thought it might have been...

So although it's only 1st October today, I'm already looking forward to 1st November. When all the work is done, the keys to flat A have been handed in and things are finally settling down and returning to some kind of normality.


Although the 'professionals' seemed to think the flat was OK and said it was my friends decision (which it is), they don't know her history even half as well as I do and they all saw her at her best, when she was upbeat about the prospect of finally getting a ground floor flat.

Sadly, I remain convinced there are going to be problems with this move to Winchester, because of my friends nature, the flats location and all the drop-outs that hang around in the City Centre. It's really not the ideal place for her to live, although there are some good points too. It's a spacious flat with nice grounds and convenient access to shops & services.

But I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens and deal with it when it does...

I don't want to be too negative about it, but I'm sure I'll be saying ' I told you so' to those 'professionals' before the year is out...

Perhaps I should change my phone number as well as my ISP...?