28 May 2015

Rationalising the blogs

I've been rationalising & reducing my presence on the Interweb over the last few hours, mainly because of ongoing problems that I am having with eye-strain. I find that I can only spend so much time staring at this screen. Particularly as the returns from some of the blogs I was working on are pathetic....

Completely gone now, are my Weebly, Wordpress and Tumblr blogs. I didn't seem to be getting a great deal of traffic to those sites. It was interesting to have a presence on those platforms, but the blogs were not working for me. Particularly on Wordpress.

Deleted but recoverable, are The Hedge End Trumpet, TGR Worzel on Blogging, TGR Worzel Shares and Turner on Turner. They''ll be deleted completely in 90 days. I'll probably export some of the posts and incorporate them into The Complete Works of TGR Worzel presently.

26 May 2015

Oh no, it's Plantar Fasciitis...!

The shock horror news for today, is that I need to start wearing heels...

You may recall that I recently thought I had a stress fracture in my right foot, having delivered literally thousands of leaflets for the Beer, Baccy & Scratchings party over the course of 3.5 weeks.

Well although that theory made sense at the time, it seems I was wrong. It is not a stress fracture. It is plantar fasciitis ...

24 May 2015

Hatin' Bloglovin

Bloglovin, previously one of my favourite ways of promoting my blog and interacting with other bloggers, seems to have gone off the rails recently.

Take a close look at this image.

Apparently I have 594 Followers, which is excellent. I've watched that number build slowly, over the last year and that number is roughly what I expect it to be.

So why do I see the message below, which tells me that TGR Worzel has no Followers...?

What sort of a Mickey Mouse system is Bloglovin these days ...?

If I've got 594 followers, I expect to be able to review them and make sure I'm following them back, or at the very least check their blogs to see if they interest me....