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6 Feb 2016

Ten Times Table at The Nuffield Theatre....

A trip to the theatre a couple of evenings ago, reacquainted me with the Maskers Theatre Company.

This time they had booked the Nuffield Theatre, on the University campus in Southampton, which is probably the third(?) biggest venue in the city and possibly the most prestigious(?).

Whatever you views on that, it was totally different to the intimate setting that I had enjoyed so much before Christmas.

5 Feb 2016

How to reduce your cholesterol level - I

After I had soaked it for an hour...!
With recent news that my cholesterol level is 6.5mmol/L, and most of it the "bad" LDL type,  I decided that it was time to dispose of my trusty old chip pan.

As you can see, we have been good friends for about a decade, but it was the one obvious thing that I could do which might help to reduce my cholesterol level in the longer term.

Not that I am too concerned about my cholesterol level. As I said the other day, I am sure that most blokes of my age will have blood cholesterol at that level. That's because it tends naturally to increase with age. The NHS also seem to use a one-size fits all value, which doesn't seem appropriate to me.

However, as I'd been asked to reduce my cholesterol level, I thought I would make some kind of effort to do so...

3 Feb 2016

Should I worry about high Cholesterol...?

Had the results of my NHS Health check today, with a cholesterol reading of 6.5 mmol/L (millimoles per litre)

When I heard that result, I realised it was pretty much the same as any other reading that male friends of a similar age have shared with me...

Ye Olde Worlde Thailand...

Well I pinned down what it is that I don't like about Thai food last night, during a visit to the Siam Thai Lounge in Lyndhurst High Street.

Virtually every dish seemed to contain seafood of some description. As such, I really struggled to find something that I would enjoy eating....