23 Apr 2015

Just in case...

I didn't think I would need one of these key safes quite so early in my life, but I did install one at Chateau Worzel earlier this week.

The problem is that the person who has looked after my spare key for the last 28 years is not really up to the job any more. I asked to retrieve my spare keys a couple of weeks ago, so I could change the old front door key for a new one, but due to her old age she couldn't remember where she had put them. There was no hope of me finding them, given the cluttered state of her house. I've therefore had to give-up on that set of keys up as 'lost' and make other arrangements.

And this little key safe seemed like the best option.

22 Apr 2015

Getting the phone line fixed...

I'm pleased to report that I am back in action again, after a few days (much needed) rest from Blogging and Social Twitbooking,
which was enforced by a fault on my phone line.

Over the weekend, I found that there was now so much crackling on the line that I couldn't get a reliable broadband connection. As you can imagine, voice calls were also very difficult. The fault seemed to co-incide with the recent spell of prolonged hot weather, perhaps as a poor connection dried out...?

17 Apr 2015

Camera Conscious...

I've not been on video camera very many times over the years and I am still not terribly confident when doing it, but there was another chance to get some practice this morning and I think it went a little better this time. For the first time in my life, I was quite pleased with the way it went.

Mind you, I have yet to see the finished product. I might still come across as a complete loony. Either way, I'll share the link when it is put online and you can judge for yourselves...

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