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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fixing the Cooker Hood...

I've had some fun this evening, fixing this old cooker hood in my kitchen.

The plastic retainers that create the friction which holds the glass panel in a set position had broken, so the panel tended to flap about and couldn't be set as I wanted it. I'm sure it's a common problem with these cooker hoods...

Friday, 24 October 2014

Perusing the Job sites...

That'll be fun in the dark...!
A sign at the entrance to one of the local hypermarkets caught my eye the other evening. It seems that with Christmas approaching, Tesco are recruiting more delivery drivers.

The thought of applying immediately crossed my mind, but I see that they're temporary contacts and only 14 hours a week, specifically all day Tuesday 9am -7pm and Friday evenings from 7pm-11pm. The salary is said to be 'competitive', which usually means 'Minimum Wage' these days. If the money was any good, designed to attract mature, responisble, experienced people with a clean driving licence (i.e. people like me), Tesco would be more upfront about the money...

So bearing in mind that 9am-7pm is a long time behind the wheel of a van, that the busiest shopping day before Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year and that Friday 7pm-11pm isn't going to be much fun either, I'm wondering if I need the extra money that badly...?

It will be interesting to see how many applicants Tesco get for these vacancies...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

UKIP Calypso: Nobbled by the Establishment...

Lefty/Liberal inspired political correctness seems to have won the day again, here in the UK, as the successful and highly entertaining UKIP Calypso is withdrawn from sale.

Even the copy that I found on YouTube yesterday is now marked private, so cannot be viewed by the general public.

In my opinion, the problem was not so much the dodgy Jamaican accent which was used for this song, but that the lyrics hit the nail squarely on the head and were a real threat to the establishment.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Three Weeks, no Coffee...

True, but the effect is short lived...
It is now more than three weeks since I last drank coffee.

The first few days were tricky, but once I had got through that phase it was relatively plain sailing. Obviously I haven't completely eliminated caffeine from my diet, but it is greatly reduced now and any withdrawal symptoms seemed very short-term. I am wondering if the idea that we cannot function in the modern world without coffee & caffeine (witness this mug) is just a myth that is perpetuated by the coffee & soft-drinks industries...?

In practice, the hardest part has actually been finding something else to drink instead of coffee. Water is far too plain & boring. Cola, drinking chocolate and tea all have caffeine too, so they are not a great alternative. Neither do I want the added sugar that is in the cola and the drinking chocolate. All I would be doing is swapping one health problem for a different one.

Indoor climate management...

It was only a couple of months ago that I was using my air cooler to put moisture into the atmosphere in a vain attempt to cool the house down.

But with the arrival of Autumn and the cooler weather, I am now doing the exact opposite, using a dehumidifier in a vain effort to try to take the dampness out of the house.

The irony is not lost one me, but if I don't do this the house soon feels horrible and I will get lots of condensation on the windows. It has to be done, as excessive moisture is not good for decoration, furnishings and electrical items.

My health too, probably.

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