24 Jun 2016

What next for the UK...?

Today, amazingly, is a day that I have long anticipated but never really thought we would ever see. The UK has actually voted to leave the European Union.

In 1975 we voted to remain in the Common Market, or the European Economic Community, which was a trade agreement. I remember that referendum well, but wasn't old enough to vote in it.

However we were not consulted when that trade agreement evolved into political union, in 1992, forming the European Union. Democracy was well & truly cheated on that occasion and the UK has noticeably drifted downhill since then.

21 Jun 2016

Battle of Britain II

Thursday June 23rd, EU referendum day, is probably the most important event in UK history since 15th September 1940.

World War II wasn't won on that historical date, things continued to be very difficult for the next few years, but the rot was stopped and Britain won the opportunity to fight on. It was a major turning point in World War II and is widely recognised as such.

With a couple of days to go,  I think a vote for the UK to Leave the EU on June 23rd will eventually be recorded as being of the same historical significance. It will change the world.

Hopefully for the greater good of everybody, eventually.

That's if the Leave the EU result actually happens...

11 Jun 2016

New(er) computer

As even Google doesn't like Windows XP any more, with a very annoying message popping up on their Chrome browser whenever I try to use it, I decided that it was time to buy a new computer.

Well a newer computer. I was determined not to waste hundreds on doing this again. Why should I keep spending hundreds to keep big corporations like Microsoft in business, when I don't actually need to...?

And I think, that with this secondhand Dell Optiplex 760, I have successfully achieved my mission.

3 Jun 2016

Please fence me in....

The new fence panel, ready to be painted......
One little thing which has been driving me up the wall at Chateau Worzel, for the last decade or so, was a couple of scruffy fence panels which had become overgrown with ivy. They were in very poor repair and if the truth be told, it was probably just the ivy holding the fence up...

I thought that it spoiled the appearance at the front of the house and it annoyed me every time I looked at it.

The problem was that technically it is next doors fence, so I could only do so much about it.

Until it blew down completely...