18 Apr 2016

An encounter with a Chinese Restaurant...

Cancel the order for Duck...!
Although I am not at all keen on Chinese food, I found myself at a Chinese restaurant a few days ago. One has to do these things sometimes, when in a relationship.

To be honest, what I ate was OK on the whole, though I couldn't begin to list it all here and I wouldn't have eaten any of it by choice. The sauces were far too rich and sticky for my palate.

I am a traditional English, Toad-in-the-Hole, Shepherds Pie, high-fat, high-carb, stodgy food type of man really...

15 Apr 2016

The perfect vehicle...?

I am beginning to wonder if I might actually have purchased the perfect vehicle, as the more I get to know this 2006 Peugeot Partner Combi, the more I like it.

For a start there's the engine. This one has the GJ9HXC diesel engine, a 1.6 HDi turbo, which develops a lot of torque below 2000 rpm but which revs quite freely too. It is very nice to drive and suits all driving styles.

Better still, it is only £145 tax, which is as good as I could hope to get on a vehicle like this.

12 Apr 2016

A weekend off - some thoughts on being ill...

It has been a strange few days, with me wiped out for much of the weekend with abdominal pain and a stomach bug.

It is alarming how debilitating that can be.

Once the bug had got hold of me, there was little or nothing that I could do. Even walking to the kitchen for a glass of water was a challenge.

3 Apr 2016

Win some, lose some...

The last week has been a mixed blessing. Re-charging the air-conditioning on my new secondhand car went very well and it is working correctly again, but the roof rails that I had ordered didn't fit.

Although I still need to sort out a load carrying system to go on the roof, things are otherwise just as I want them. I am in the happy situation of having sold my old car and have got everything working correctly on the new one.