25 Jul 2016

How to make an old computer usable again...

The question of the moment, for me, is what on earth do you do with old PC technology...?

For instance, I have an old 350Mhz Pentum II computer here, which is next to useless for running Microsoft Windows.

I paid many £hundreds for it at the time, about 20 years ago, so am reluctant to throw it out now, whilst it is still working...

22 Jul 2016

One month later...

A lot has happened over the last month, since the result of the EU referendum triggered the process of Britain working to leave the EU.

Although article 50 hasn't been formally invoked yet, I'm hearing the right kind of noises from the people that matter. On both sides of the English Channel. We really  do seem to be heading in the general direction of formally leaving the EU and we just need to give it a bit of time, for the inevitable problems to be worked through and resolved..

Somewhat disappointingly, the sore losers in the remain camp are still whining about the referendum result and well, they don't really matter...

Best of all though, we now have a new Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May.

13 Jul 2016

Old Haunts...

As I was back in Southport last weekend, I was keen to visit the street where my first flat was located. I wanted to see if the building was still there and if it was still in residential use.

I was also keen to show Heidi where I once lived.

Sadly I wasn't able to go inside my old flat, but the building hasn't changed much externally over the last 30 years.

And as you can see, it still appeared to be in residential use. There were no signs outside indicating that it is now a guest house or a care home or some other business...

24 Jun 2016

What next for the UK...?

Today, amazingly, is a day that I have long anticipated but never really thought we would ever see. The UK has actually voted to leave the European Union.

In 1975 we voted to remain in the Common Market, or the European Economic Community, which was a trade agreement. I remember that referendum well, but wasn't old enough to vote in it.

However we were not consulted when that trade agreement evolved into political union, in 1992, forming the European Union. Democracy was well & truly cheated on that occasion and the UK has noticeably drifted downhill since then.