28 Mar 2015

Words or Music...?

For a change, I decided to listen to a CD this evening instead of watching another old VHS video recording.

My chosen disc was the original Top Gear compilation, released in 1994. A double CD priced at a bowel-loosening £16.99 according to the sticky label that is still to be found on the plastic case...

26 Mar 2015

Another mysterious crash...

The latest air crash in the French Alps involving a Germanwings flight 4U9525 which killed 150 also seems a little unusual to me.

The latest reports suggest that the crash was a deliberate act by the co-pilot, who had been left alone in the cockpit. It's possible I suppose, but I'm not convinced. It's yet another of those convenient pilot suicide theories, though apparently it is supported by evidence from the cockpit voice recorder.

What we don't know of course, is whether somebody else managed to quietly get inside the cockpit when the pilot went for a leak. Did they manage to quietly and efficiently incapacitate the co-pilot, lock the door and cause the crash..? Perhaps there's a case for cockpit CCTV as well as cockpit voice recording, so that we can actually see what happened rather than having to interpret sounds...?

Time will tell on that, but this latest incident made me think that there seem to have been quite a few plane crashes and mysterious disappearances recently, more so than is usual. I therefore looked for a list of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft. To my great surprise, it seems that 2014 was actually one of the quietest years on record. Certainly in recent years. I assume that list is complete, as the new incidents seem to be added pretty quickly...?

Perhaps it is just unfortunate that there were some very big incidents in 2014, with this latest mystery occurring in the first few months of 2015 when MH370's disappearance is still unexplained and quite a hot topic...?

Lets hope there aren't any more of these weird air-crashes.

They are enough to put me off flying completely...

25 Mar 2015

Is it the end of the Road, for Top Gear..?

I see the DG of the BBC has announced that controversial Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is to be dropped from the show, with his contract not being renewed after it expires later this month.

In my opinion that's a little different to the 'sacking' that others are currently reporting and gloating over, but it is probably the right decision under the circumstances and the overall effect is the same. No more Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear...

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