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30 Nov 2015

What tattoo reflects the essence of me...?

I was more than a little alarmed at the weekend to be asked what I would choose to have tattooed on my body and where would I put it...?

What reflects the essence of me...?

If I were having a mid-life crisis, that is.

My new ladyfriend knows there's virtually zero chance of me getting a tattoo and taking a selfie of it. Only if I were paid £1 million by somebody with more money than sense, is it likely to happen.

There were some good suggestions when I trailed this idea on G+, but I did eventually decide on my answer to that question.

So what ink would I choose to put on my body for £1,000,000 ....?

29 Nov 2015

November Daffodils and a War Horse...

I was astonished yesterday, to see some Daffodils in full bloom, during a late afternoon walk around Romsey's War Memorial Park..

It is almost the end of November, the end of autumn. Winter approaches.

But Daffodils normally bloom in the spring..?

26 Nov 2015

Hooked - Starting a new relationship...!

Eagle eyed followers of TGR Worzel on social networking may have noticed that I subtly changed my profile and relationship status yesterday, officially moving from 'single' to 'in a relationship'.

Amazingly, the Plenty of Fish dating site seems to have worked and after a whirlwind 10 days, we've reached the stage where I cannot reasonably claim to be single any more. Hence the change of relationship status and a big announcement on my blog..

Who needs Black Friday anyway....?

Black Friday is only a couple of days away and once again I seem to be inundated with news of various deals and offers that business want me to promote on my blogs.

The world seems to have gone quite mad, with Christmas now only a month away. Many people are thinking about shopping for presents and retailers are very eager to encourage that habit and cash in again...

I'm sure that is not what Christmas is about really...

24 Nov 2015

How to exchange an item with no receipt...

One of the things that I always try very hard not to do, is take the proverbial if I ever have to return something to a store.

Turning up at the Customer Service desk without a receipt that I can use as proof of purchase is not something that I approve of or would usually do myself, however I made an exception today...

23 Nov 2015

In praise of Google Hangouts...

Now I really must admit that I was wrong about Google Hangouts.

I didn't think that I would ever find Google Hangouts particularly useful, but that system really has proven it's worth over the last week, by allowing me to pursue an important conversation which would probably not have happened otherwise.

In fact, I'm sure that things wouldn't have worked out half as well as they did without the help of Google Hangouts.

20 Nov 2015

It's bigger on the inside, Claudia...

I amazed even myself yesterday, with the load that I managed to get into the back of Claudia.

When I saw this pile, which included several old chairs and an old fashioned TV with a fairly large screen, my first thought was that it was going to be two trips.

But no, I managed to squeeze it all into the back of Claudia at the same time.