27 May 2016

The best Ploughmans ever...?

I think this might have to go down as the nicest Ploughmans lunch that I have ever enjoyed.

It was served to me today at The Ferryman pub in Warsash, Hampshire....

25 May 2016

Adjusting the brake lights on a Peugeot Partner

Well I don't know how my Peugeot Partner passed it's MOT in February, because I noticed that the brake lights were not operating correctly.

Because the stop light switch, pictured here on the right with an orange plunger, was miles out of adjustment, the brake lights didn't work until there was quite a lot of pressure on the pedal and the vehicle was slowing rapidly.

Brake lights merely coming on and off with no failed bulbs isn't really good enough for the MOT.

Or is it...?

18 May 2016

Am evening with Di and Viv and Rose

Somewhat reluctantly it has to be said, because this a girly play which I wouldn't have bought tickets for myself, I went to see the Maskers Theatre Co production of Di & Viv & Rose last night.

Although I found it strange not to have any male characters on set, there were literally just three actresses and a few props, I thought it was OK.

10 May 2016

Aliens are not responsible for fuel theft...

Do you remember this unsolved mystery, entitled Have Aliens been stealing Fuel From my Lawnmower...?

Well just in case there was any doubt, I now have definitive proof that it was not Aliens. I have actually seen what was happening...