21 Nov 2016

An Adventurous Anniversary...

The Burley Inn
Had a great little adventure last week, when Heidi and I headed out into the New Forest with no idea of what we were going to do to celebrate our first anniversary, of meeting each other.

Heidi had been wanting to plan something for weeks, but I didn't want to go over the top as it was only the anniversary of our first date. It wasn't as though it was our first wedding anniversary or anything. First bedding, yes, give or take a few days. Wedding no, not yet...

Various work pressures and illnesses had also intervened recently, preventing any hot deals from being booked online. It looked as though the overnight stay wouldn't happen, but we agreed to drive in the general direction of the New Forest and see what we could find.

11 Nov 2016

Following in Dame Esther's footsteps...

It has been an unusual week, with yours truly making a guest appearance on BBC Radio Solent, on Julian Clegg's prestigious breakfast show, no less.

Unfortunately, my appearance was slightly upstaged by the breaking news from the USA, I was Trumped by the Presidential election result, but it was still a good experience and it seemed to go quite well.

I didn't freeze in front of the live microphone and all the feedback I have had has been very positive. Thank you everybody.

1 Nov 2016

Is free salad a Public Health issue..?

Over the last few weeks, I've been to the same Harvester Restaurant in Eastleigh on two occasions. On both occasions I've felt rather colicky afterwards, with the most recent visit being particularly disabling.

Consequently I am minded not to go again, but have been trying to work out what caused the problem.

Curiously, I think it is something that is intended to be healthy. The free salad bar...